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CALL for Participation: Simulation Assisted Challenges

On behalf of the scientific committee, this is an invitation to participate in the innovative simulation-assisted competition!
This competition will showcase Teams competing against each other in a safe friendly environment. Each team will experience a 10-12 min challenge and show their best simulation-assisted performance to a set reviewed case based on goals and objectives.

Teams are being sought from Regional Simulation Centers to challenge! The sound reputation of your centers encouraged us to invite you to be the stars of the SHSConference2016. Teams should be comprised of 4 participants who work within the same Center. We could propose 3 residents from different specialties and one nurse or nursing resident/student.

Challengers for this competition will be given a problem requiring a simulation-based intervention. An expert panel will determine which team wins with the most effective performance according to goals and objectives. Audience members' vote will also count for the mark towards the results after all performances have been judged.

In the semi-final session, that will be held on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016, the same case will be provided to each competing teams. The teams with the two highest scores will be invited to the " DAWRI Finale" in the second session on Thursday, Nov 24, 2016.

Centers accepted to participate should send the names of their team members no later than Sep 23rd, 2016. Four teams will be chosen to compete for the SHSC trophy in the semi-final.

We appreciate your interest to promote a safe simulation learning environment
I believe this session will be the apple of the conference

Best Regards,
Dr. Abeer Arab
SHSC2016 Scientific Committee; (Sim Dawri) Subcommittee.

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