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SHSC 2018 SimDawri

Instructions: The SimDawri is becoming an iconic event of SHSC. It is a showcase of healthcare teams competing against each other in a safe friendly environment. Each team will experience a problem requiring simulation-based intervention. The team members are supposed to show their best simulation-assisted performance within 10-12 minutes’ time. Typically, each team consists of 4 participants, 3 physicians-on-training from different specialties and one nurse or respiratory therapist. Four teams are sought from different regions of Saudi Arabia; however, this year our great and enthusiastic audience is invited to gather the fifth team to compete in the semifinal as well!

An Audience voting and expert panel will choose the team with the most effective simulation performance. The semi-final session will be held on Monday April 23, 2018; while the "DAWRI Finale" will be attended by all SHSC 2018 attendees on Tuesday April 24, 2018.

Simulation centers and academic institutions wishing to participate should send the names of their team members before February 1st, 2018. We appreciate your interest to promote a safe simulation learning environment and looking forward to see you all at SHSC2018.

Chairman of SimDawri
Dr. Abdulaleem Alatassi

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