About Riyadh

Riyadh is the nation's legislative, financial administrative, diplomatic and commercial center. It is the location for foreign embassies, universities, banks and corporate headquarters. It is the capital of Saudi Arabia.
Arriyadh is a particularly youthful city, with half the population under 20 years of age. The land around it, however, is old In a region where tradition, modernity and globalization converge, Riyadh is the focal point of the Middle East's largest economy. Riyadh is an international business hub where you can experience contrasting lifestyles in a traditional Islamic environment.
Its vibrant globalized environment features: world class buildings, shopping, restaurants, historical and cultural sites, nature reserves and all the elements of an old Arab city.

Rates/ Pricing

Early Registration fees for the Conference - Deadline 1st November 2019

Category Early Bird [SSSH Member or Non-Member] Onsite Reg. [Non-Members] Late or Onsite [SSSH Member]
Doctors 550 SR 700 SR 490 SR
Other Med. Staff 300 SR 500 SR 350 SR
Students 150 SR 200 SR 140 SR